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Shangqiu, located in the eastern part of Henan, and Shandong, Anhui adjacent. Fertile land, beautiful scenery, deep cultural background, the story legend is vast. Shangqiu, known as: "the source of the three businessmen, the capital of Chinese business, the two Song Long Qian land." Shangqiu is Confucius, Laozi's ancestral land, Zhuangzi, Mo's hometown. Suiren people had fire in this fire, Yan Emperor had built in this. Then summer, business, weeks and so on how many dynasties in this capital founding, male as the world. Shangqiu is the core area of ??the sage culture circle during the Spring and Autumn and Warring States period, which is the birthplace of the literature of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Ancient Yellow River has been mighty through Shangqiu and east into the sea. Low level of the terrain, adequate water, which makes Shangqiu territory, trees green, Baicao rich, rich products, since ancient times known as the "Central Plains granary." Shangqiu also "east of the portal, the Central Plains to the center of China, longevity" reputation. Natural and beautiful natural environment, attracted numerous heroes competing waist; brilliant human environment, so how many talent giants show talented. Shangqiu ancient ancient sage culture, modern red culture, contemporary social civilization as one, set Wang gas, domineering, talent, popularity and modern rapid development of the gas as a whole, constantly pregnant with a new era of poets, literary artists and other talent and aspirations , To achieve the great dream of the Chinese nation's rejuvenation, continue to show their infinite charm. Eternal peach a Mei, Zhuang Zhouhua butterfly into the mysterious micro. Mulan cross the horse to levy, the moon with love flying. Liu Bang swords cut the legend of the white snake, Zhang Zhizhong Yong Suiyang shouting the heroic, Liang Yuan dream story, should be astronomical glory WHN

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"My darling, Leslie Dane toms shoes outlet is no match for my little girl. He is poor and has nothing to recommend him but a handsome face, and a little talent for daubing with paints and pencils, while you are a beauty and an heiress, and can boast a proud descent. I have made my will, and it is there in my desk this moment. In it I have left you everything except one-third of my property, which my widow will legally inherit. Surely my generosity merits the one little return I ask of you. Simply that you will give up Leslie Dane."

The solemn words were soon spoken, Leslie making the responses firmly, and Bonnibel in a hushed little voice that was scarcely audible. The young man slipped a ring over her finger that he had always worn on his own, the minister blessed them, the good wife kissed the girl with tears in her eyes, for women always weep at a wedding. Then Leslie slipped a generous fee into the old man's hand, and led his blushing bride away."'And yet I know, past all doubting truly— A knowledge greater than grief can dim— I know as he loved he will love me duly, Yea, better, e'en better than I love him. And as I walk by the vast, calm river, The awful river so dread to see. I say, thy breadth and thy deptA look of weary, wistful waiting crept into the bonnie blue eyes that had of old been as cloudless and serene as the blue skies[Pg 23] of summer. The rose forgot to come back to her cheek, the smile to her lips. The shadow of a sad heart was reflected on her beauty.

"Upon her face there was the tint of grace, The settled shadow of an inward strife, And an unquiet drooping of the eye, As if its lid were charged with unshed tears."h forever Are bridged by his thoughts that cross to me.'"